Brand worlds to discover

October 30, 2017 | Article from MÖBELMEILE

Geha and Collection C presented brand worlds that further fine-tune their successful Leonardo Living range for a variety of tastes.

An overarching colour theme was the subtle, pastel shade of Palazzo, which was originally seen in living rooms and is now being increasingly used in bedrooms for appliqués and accents. Geha and its partner Leonardo brilliantly addressed sleeping solutions for youngsters. This was especially evident in the attractive Dream bed and wardrobe in white with glass elements and sophisticated lighting from the Leonardo Living collection. Apartments were a particular focus for bedroom ranges. The sure sense of good taste that comes from a well-known brand was on show in the living room systems created as part of the Schöner Wohnen licencing partnership. Perfectly coordinated wall colours, floor coverings, and rugs were brought together with a great feel for spaces and aesthetics to create the ideal setting for standalone furniture. Overall, we saw stylish and tasteful living spaces that clearly bore the signature of furniture professionals.

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