The bottom line in the trend jungle - Part 1

August 14, 2019 | Article from MÖBELMEILE

“Anything goes” is as liberating as it is disorienting. Although we are living amid trends where possibilities have become endless, things are changing. These developments will take on greater signifigance for the furniture industry. That is the bottom line in our expert interviews.


Postmodern architecture regards tradition as a resource to tap into when inspiration is asked for. Preceding styles could be combined and modified as desired. This “anything goes” has moved into buildings and homes, and trend turnarounds have become faster and aimed at ever-smaller target groups. It’s a shift towards micro trends, as Michael Hilgers would call it. Although he does note that some of these trends will in fact be relevant for the furniture industry.


As population density in rural areas shrinks, cities are bursting at the seams as living space becomes scarce. The reasons can be differentiated locally: urbanisation is a direct result of better working opportunities, climate migration and a general desire for city life. Space scarcity is also down to other factors, for example, the growing number of single households. Furniture that adapts to the space and to the life cycle, and unites different functions is called for. The bed is folded away and the room becomes the living room. A cupboard is closed and the kitchen disappears behind a stylish wooden surface.