The bottom line in the trend jungle - Part 2

August 14, 2019 | Article from MÖBELMEILE

“Anything goes” is as liberating as it is disorienting. Although we are living amid trends where possibilities have become endless, things are changing. These developments will take on greater signifigance for the furniture industry. That is the bottom line in our expert interviews.


Hybridity applies to functionality as much as it does to appearances and outer values. The ‘anything goes’ mentality is forcing the furniture industry to rethink its approach: if there is no one trend, collections must be run at the same time. Or furniture must be made in such a way that fronts and colours, and shapes and forms can be accommodated easily. Jenny Feldmann hits the nail on the head in terms of multifunctionality: “Furniture is more likely to be a blank canvas that can turned into anything you like”. This highlights a trend that has influenced the collections for a long time: the consolidation of the different living spaces. In the past, kitchen furniture was found in the kitchen, and bedroom furniture in the bedroom. Today, furniture must be designed for any space.


Colour was once the main vehicle for trends. The same piece of furniture made a completely different impact if it had a matte black or a high-gloss yellow finish. In terms of colour trends, the experts agree: there is no such thing as a colour trend, and if there is, it is hard to predict. Colour trends, if there is one, come out of nowhere. And the furniture industry still has the time to react. It’s easy to adopt colour trends by pre-producing accessory blanks that can then be turned into the colour of the moment. It’s what Michael Hilgers calls ‘accessorising’. Consumers like to buy larger furniture in muted hues that can be accessorised temporarily with more daring colours for a greater impact.