The bottom line in the trend jungle - Part 3

August 14, 2019 | Article from MÖBELMEILE

“Anything goes” is as liberating as it is disorienting. Although we are living amid trends where possibilities have become endless, things are changing. These developments will take on greater signifigance for the furniture industry. That is the bottom line in our expert interviews.


The ‘anything goes’ mindset has also been spurred on by technological developments. Most of our experts agree, mixing and matching materials is a trend that’s here to stay. Wood, stone or metal furniture in combination is worth more than the sum of its parts. This is a new concept, especially in certain prices segments, as Salvatore Figliuzzi duly notes: “A couple of years ago, certain materials were unaffordable at entry-level and mid-priced categories”. Today you can afford it. So let’s mix it up!


Yes, oak is here to stay. Despite indications that the demand for light woods is on the up, oak will not vanish from our homes completely—not least because of its many qualities. Oak also has the advantage that it’s readily available in Central Europe, and, given the strong trend towards sustainably produced furniture, oak has indisputable staying power. Young consumers consider ecological, fair trade and natural conservation factors when they buy furniture—for obvious reasons. Natural materials may offer one answer, while minimalist or DIY furniture may offer another. Digitalisation has resulted in needing less space than before. A laptop has replaced book and record shelves, and filing cabinets. Furniture that takes care of the rest may be improvised, as long as it’s functional and practical.